General Surgery


We offer you a wide range of types, compositions and sizes, with needle and without needle, made from the highest quality raw materials meeting the current standards.

Chirurgie Generală
Chirurgie Generală
Peters Surgical

Surgical Staplers

The latest models of linear and circular staplers, linear, straight and curved cutters, articulated and non-articulated for open and laparoscopic surgery, and also the hemoroidal stapler with improved view through transparent cartridge.

Chirurgie Generală
Panther Healthcare
Chirurgie Generală

Surgical meshes

Various types of surgical meshes designed to repair and/or strengthen hernia or wall defects, non-resorbable, resorbable or partially resorbable, monofilament or multifilament, simple and composite, usable in open and laparoscopic surgery.

Chirurgie Generală
Cousin Biotech
Chirurgie Generală
Laparoscopy systems

4K technology allows a laparoscopic visibility superior to open surgery, HD video imaging with advanced technologies, adding features such as ultra-high definition, wider color range, and magnified view.

Electrosurgical units

The world’s first advanced energy system that simultaneously provides two well-established forms of energy to the tissues: ultrasonic energy for superior dissection and rapid cutting, and advanced bipolar energy for safe haemostasis and sealing of vessels up to 7 mm in diameter.

Chirurgie Generală

Operating tables and surgical lights

The various models have been specially designed to meet the requirements of surgeons to provide comfort for medical staff and patients at an optimal price-quality ratio.

Chirurgie Generală

Bariatric Surgery

For endoscopic bariatric surgery, we propose a complex set consisting of medical equipment, instruments and medical supplies produced by the world leader in the domain.

Trocars, electro-surgical instruments and disposables medical devices provide minimal surgery time by cutting and sealing quickly and efficiently, reducing the risk of bleeding and intra or postoperative infection.

The support system for peripheral vascular circulation, the accessories and related stockings allow them to carry out these surgeries safely, without embolic risks.

The set of sterile surgical fields for patient and for instrument table as well as the adherent and transparent field that limits the incision area allow the maintenance of sterile surfaces without the risk of internal or external contamination during surgical procedures.

Chirurgie Generală

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    We are a company importing and / or distributing medical devices authorized in Romania for world-renowned companies whose products we actively promote in medical establishments.