Cardio-Vascular Surgery

Mechanical Valves

Solid carbon pyrolytic valve prostheses with complete and continuous rotation of the leaflets around the central axis of the valve housing, that facilitates the creation of blood flow that evenly washes both valve elements and surrounding heart tissues with the purpose of eliminating blood flow stalling area.

Chirugie Cardio-Vasculară

Biological Valves

Bovine pericardial valvular prostheses and low-profile porcine valve tricomposites mounted at zero pressure, allowing the preservation of adjacent tissues and giving it increased strength and durability.

Chirugie Cardio-Vasculară
Chirugie Cardio-Vasculară

Vascular Grafts

A wide range of linear and bifurcated polyester and PTFE grafts with thin or standard wall, reinforced or not, best for the treatment of aorta and peripheral arteries.

Chirugie Cardio-Vasculară

Vascular Cannulae

Used in open-heart surgery, facilitating the extra-corporal bypass circuit.

Chirugie Cardio-Vasculară

Cardiac Patches

Cell free equine pericadic patches, ideal for repairing defects in newborn and pediatric cardiac surgery.Patches are manufactured using a unique technology without the use of glutaraldehyde, in which the accumulation of calcium and fat in tissue is reliably prevented.

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